The Art of Knowing How Many Points Should Go on a Slide

Ellen Finkelstein taught us before about Death by Powerpoint. On this new guest blog post she posted over at, she went on deeper by discussing further How Many Points Should Go on a Slide?.

I remember back in 2007 when I was till taking a course in management development, one of my professors loved doing Powerpoint presentations. She loved it so much that she would rather read from the slides, put every little detail she wants to say on the slide, and have us all listen to her as she was reading all those details. Indeed, it really was annoying! Personally speaking, I learned more from studying the slides on my own than by listening to her. How I wish this information about How Many Points Should Go on a Slide was already available at that time. We could have all learned so much more.

So now that this information is available to you, take advantage of it! Head over to Ellen Finkelstein’s post and learn how to make your slide presentations more interesting, compelling and educational. You wouldn’t want to turn off your audience by doing something they would rather do silently, wouldn’t you?  


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