The Physicality of Public Speaking

Public speaking is something you do that involves three dimensions. When you make your presentations and speak in front of a multitude of people, you have to be conscious of three things:

1. Your Posture
2. Your Voice
3. Your Facial Expression

These three factors come naturally. Most of us are not conscious of them as we use them in our day to day dealings and activities. We stand up, we speak, we for various facial expressions depending on what we are trying to communicate. Sometimes, we may be slouching, at other times, our voice may not be as gentle, sometimes, our face may be registering too much emotional stress. It doesn’t really matter when we’re just chit chatting with our friends or family.  But if you are there, on the stage, or in front of clients, doing a presentation, you have to be aware of these things. There may be habits that you need to control and improve on in order for you to be understood better and to be more engaging and interesting when speaking in public.

Find out how you can improve your physicality by reading when presenting by reading How you stand, sound and look: 3 insights on public speaking’s physicality.


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