How to Deal with Nerves When Speaking in Public

I’ve shared with you before the nine ways to conquer fear of public speaking. If that is not enough, I’d like to share with you five more things you can do to cope with nerves when speaking in front of hundreds or thousands of people.  It usually takes practice and you grow more accustomed to being stared at and listened to by a multitude of people over time. The more you expose yourself to this kind of experience,  the more comfortable and confident you’ll get.

Even the most famous and best public speakers in the world have had  nerve-wracking public speaking moments at some point in their lives. Take for instance Steve Jobs. When he was just starting, he wasn’t as comfortable and conversational as he is now when he presents. You too can do these tricks below to help you become better at presenting in public.

1. Chunking and exposure.

2. Rehearsal.

3. Self-talk.

4. Arousal control via diaphragmatic breathing.

5. Deliberate practice.

For further details on how to go about these steps, please check Presentation Zen’s blog post: Dealing with public speaking nerves


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