How Can You Become a Compelling Speaker?

Olivia Mitchell shared her insights on how one can be a compelling speaker by using the so-called “magic of live”. Presentations that are done live, whether it be public speaking, a concert, a circus act, or any other show looks much more captivating when seen live rather than being seen on TV or heard on the radio.  As a presenter and public speaker, how can you be as captivating and compelling?

In reality, it’s not enough to just do it “live”. You have to first know that there are three types of live, find out which type does your presentation fir into, then  learn how to rehearse the right way and combine it with the magic of live.

For starters, here are the three kinds of live:

1. Pseudo-Live

2. Winging it Live

3. Magic Live

Read more to find out


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