Nine Amazing Steps to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Many people want to become great public speakers but only so few of them do. Sometimes, this is because of fear of public speaking. Don’t get me wrong though, even the best ones claim to still experience this unnerving sensation when facing a multitude of people and captivating their attention. The only difference is that great public speakers and presenters are able to manage their fear, thereby overcoming it in the process.

So how do these great presenters do it?

According to Inter-Activ, there are nine ways to do it:

1) Breathe!

2) Consciously visualize success

3) Stand as if you feel confident

4) Focus on your audience

5) Remember a past success

6) Prepare

7) Rehearse rehearse, rehearse

8) Step “into” a role model

9) Join your local Toastmasters club

Read on more details…

So what do you think? Do you agree that these things can help you become a fearless public speaker? Or do you want to add more?


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