The Worst Way to End a Presentation

While reading some blogs, I came across a post about how to not end a presentation. At first I find the question funny. But after a few seconds, I realized how crucial the question is. Really, what is the worst thing a presenter can do when he or she is done with the presentation?

Some of the answers given were:

Are there any questions?”

“Using the words ‘in conclusion'”

“Talking too much after the Q&A part”


How about you? What do you think is the way to NOT end a presentation?

For more information on the answers of some people, head to this blog post.

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One Response to The Worst Way to End a Presentation

  1. Jon Thomas says:

    Ending the presentation by rushing through your final slides, or not leaving enough time for meaningful conversation and questions afterwards. Staying true to your promised time is imperative.

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