Switch the focus from the data to the audience

Dave Paradi’s article describes  how he helped an executive switch the focus from the data to how the data could help the audience. He writes,

“By taking the audience’s perspective, you gain great clarity on what they are looking for and what is important to them.”

Read more about how to use data while focusing on the audience.

Mindmapping your Presentation–Are You Making this Mistake?

Olivia Mitchell writes about the dangers of mindmapping presentations. She says,

“In the past month I’ve sat through three presentations by professional speakers. They were all planned by mindmapping. None of these presentations reached their potential. “

Read more about when mindmapping is useful and when it might not be.

Presentation Power: Four Ways to Persuade

This article, by Marjorie Brody, explains ways to organize your persuasive presentation. She describes 4 critical factors that make a presenter and presentation persuasive: logos, pathos, ethos, and passion.

An essential skill: Slide layout

Ellen Finkelstein is offering a free training video on slide layout. She says,

“If you want your slides to be clear and professional-looking — and of course you do — you need to know how to lay out the elements on your slides. But many people have difficulty doing this if they don’t have any design training. And how many presenters are designing their own slides without any design training or the benefit of a professional designer? Lots and lots and lots!”

You can read more about it here, including comments from people who have viewed the training video.